The 4 Day Week is now a tried
and tested success

Successful business leaders have blazed a path working with academics to establish the formula to deliver the 4 day week. There was a belief the outcome would be positive. They were blown away when the experiment turned in the results it did. But it takes insight to deliver on it right. Our decades of change management help us guide organizations through this evolution smoothly.

Our holistic approach

  • Would you like to increase productivity? This will achieve that
  • Would you like to fix absenteeism /presenteeism? This helps with that
  • Would you like to increase engagement in your team? This does that
  • Would you like to be able to hire absolutely anyone? This nails that.

At 4 Day Work Week we know the decision you are considering right now is life changing for you and everyone else involved in your organization. The positive impact of this change cannot be understated.

What We Do

We are grateful to be able to help businesses on such an incredible journey redefining how they operate. Below is a breakdown of what we do and how we do it.



  • Information, advice or guidance
4-day Work Week Workshops


  • Initial consult
  • Workshop Prep
  • Workshop Delivery
  • Get-started Kit
4-day Work Week Deployment


  • Project manage the process
  • Process mapping
  • Message Creation
  • HR/Leagal admin
  • Ongoing support

Thinking About It?

  • Inclusion Engage your employees in this process from the beginning. Ask them if a 4 day work week is achievable and give them space to answer the next question; How? The creativity and solutions to meet productivity should come from them.
  • Presence Who does what when so all metrics of operational and customer satisfaction are met. Detail this as a key thought process for your teams.
  • Trial Establish how prepared you are from a system perspective. Are communication channels present and robust?
  • Measurements Research or work with professionals to structure a way to evaluate qualitative and quantitative measures of success.
  • Objectives Having clear transparent personal and business goals is imperative.
  • Seasonality Consider your peak trading period at the beginning. There may need to be flexibility in the policy which needs to be discussed pragmatically early.
  • Mission Be clear that the aim of the initiative is to improve things not just in the context of the company but also as regards the wider social obligations.