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The 4 Day Week
Assessment Package

After we established the 4 Day Week is a workable solution for your company through our free consultation, we apply our decades of business process experience to tailor your inception plan for the 4 Day Week. We will spend as much time with you as we need to ensure you have everything to land a successful launch.



  • Information, advice or guidance
4-day Work Week Workshops


  • Initial consult
  • Workshop Prep
  • Workshop Delivery
  • Get-started Kit
4-day Work Week Deployment


  • Project manage the process
  • Process mapping
  • Message Creation
  • HR/Leagal admin
  • Ongoing support

Who Is It For?

  • The benefits of the 4-day work week can be felt in companies of all sizes
  • So far knowledge industries have benefited in greatest numbers
  • With vision and resolve from an organisations leadership team, no industry is beyond this transition
  • Data suggests your competitors have trialled flexible working or are considering it.