To help organizations successfully transition to a 4 day work week.


To improve the quality of people's lives and businesses.

4 Day Work Week Story

The 4-day work week provides a logical and balanced antidote to the quagmire of mental health issues and low productivity we are currently experiencing. We have reached a point in time where efficiencies in the way we work along with an employee focused approach can not just maintain productivity levels over 4 days but increase them. The take up is growing exponentially. We are at the beginning ofthis journey...

Meet the Team

Our team brings together a blend of experience, complimentary skills and creativity, allowing us to develop and implement
strategies that create results.



Experience: 20 years of change management

Email: darrell@4dayworkweek.co.uk

Coffee: Strong tea, lots of milk, 2 sugars.

In the last 20 years Darrell has worked management positions in companies large and small. He has a keen eye for process improvement opportunities and a passion for ensuring wellness among staff. You can look on his LinkedIn profile to see what employers and clients think about him.